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Cuisinart 2-lb Bread Maker (CBK-100) Demo Video

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  1. Ed Masoud says:

    Thanks for the video. I got the same exact bread maker and was looking for a video..

  2. bunny123 says:

    My bread always sticks . This machine is way tooooo much for me .

  3. M Prywatny says:

    Worst demo video ever!!

  4. Sylvia Bicki Needle Nirvana Studio says:

    Why does the English Muffin toasting bread recipe say to press start/stop after you take out paddle , and replace dough after the 6 beeps? No other french/italian program recipes recommend this. I’m wondering if this is a typo?

  5. Frum Reporter says:



    hi , what is the process for Bagels daw

  7. Chronic Beats says:

    Did my audio fail on this video?

  8. Lara says:

    Lousy video. Didn’t explain removing the paddle. I removed the paddle on mine at the 10 beep mark, took the paddle out of the dough and put the dough back in the pan. Pressed start button.The machine never started again. Why?

  9. Lawrence Fogel-Bublick says:

    I wanted to know when is the mix-in tone. You skipped the key step.

  10. Bozlur Rahman says:

    I love this machine. Small footprint, very light weight but makes perfect 2 lb loaf. I also made a 1 lb loaf of pumpernickel and a dozen bagels, both perfect.

  11. Andrea Grima says:

    has anyone had a problem getting the bread pan out of the machine?

  12. NumaticVacuum says:

    Why do people add the ingredients while the pan is in the machine. I don’t get it. You can spill things in the oven chamber and on the heating element.

  13. Guadalupe Diaz says:

    Did not care for this. No amounts no real instructions.

  14. Arianne Cervera says:

    Hola tengo la maquina de hacer pan wurden BM1352, no logró seleccionar tipo de pan ,peso,tiempo.

  15. Susie Baumgart says:

    Great demo. May I ask what kind of removable bread pan is of?. Is it made of stainless steel? Any help will be appreciated.

  16. Alex A. says:

    She does not want to be making this video.

  17. Terry Riordan says:

    I can not read the menu I have no idea how to set it

  18. romance698 says:

    Really this is the best bread maker in the market. Very easy to use and easy to clean. It makes perfect bread always.

  19. jaaaaannnnee says:

    WOW not only do you skip the information about adding ingredients, what the beeps mean etc, you do the demo INCORRECTLY! No mention of keeping yeast away from the wet ingredients by making a tiny well in the flour… Lame-o

  20. JSX 03 says:

    This is the laziest demonstration video I've ever seen.
    "remember when I told you I was going to do something in this video? Yeah, I did it, but I didn't record it! Isn't that great?"

  21. Angelina Carlson says:

    Have not liked this bread machine. Cinnamon rolls, breadsticks have came out bad, the recipe in the book is incorrect with measurements on the dry side. Like my old West Bend much better!

  22. fladave99 Mills says:

    Can you make hot dog buns or pretzels

  23. Jenny Bioche says:

    Does anyone know what happens if you use all purpose flour instead of bread flour. Our first loaf was an epic fail lol!

  24. Neeta Thomas says:

    useless video, no sound ??????????????????

  25. b cast says:

    Yea so adding ingredients is important, but really? That's all you're basically showing? No mention of the midway beeps and when to remove the paddle for a better looking loaf?

    Waste of time watching this 😑

  26. 771blahblah says:

    In the included recipe booklet, the challah bread recipe calls for 1 cup water for a 1 lb size. Is this incorrect? Thanks.

  27. helpfulnatural says:

    It's easier and recommended by most bread machine manufacturers to add the ingredients to the bread pan while it is out of the machine. This will reduce the risk of spilling them into the oven itself which is not only messy but will burn on the heating element and could damage it. I'm surprised that she didn't do or explain this.

  28. Melanie Vanni says:

    Would have been very beneficial to hear the beeps for the 'add ingredients' which was omitted herein.  Also, review of the time and manner in which the kneader is removed (is explained in the manual)  is what I watched this video for.

  29. Donna Broadfoot says:

    I. Need help,is there any way to reset your bread maker

  30. Master Shake says:

    Hey fix the audio Its only on the right side !!!!

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